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SBI of the Rostov Region “Clinical and Diagnostic Center «Zdorovie» in the city of Rostov-on-Don

– is  the  leading diagnostic  and  treatment  facility  in  the  Rostov  region,  and  a provider  of  a  broad  range  of services —  from diagnostics  to  recovery and  rehabilitation  management. The  Center  comprises  hospital’s  outpatient  departments,  diagnostic  services,  twenty-four  hour  and  day-stay  hospitals,  and  cancer  ambulatory  care  center.


The general  principle  of  the  facility work  is  the  combination  of  the  advanced  diagnosis and  management  methods,  up-to-date equipment  of  expert  and  premium  class, and  highly experienced  staff .   And  thus  a  doctor   is  able  to   conduct  a  complete  clinic check-up,  and  laboratory  and  instrumental tests  within  a  period  of  1-2 days,  with  complex  diseases  detection  at  the  early stages  and  urgent  determination  of  treatment  strategy.


Main operating principle

Combination of advanced methods of diagnostics and treatment, concentration of modern expert-class equipment and highly qualified personnel. Due to this, the doctor has the opportunity to conduct a complete clinical, instrumental and laboratory examination for the patient within 1-2 days, to identify complex diseases in the early stages and quickly determine further treatment tactics.

Diagnostic services

Department of ultrasound diagnostics

All types  of  ultrasound  examinations  (adults  and  children) in  gastroenterology,  urology,  gynecology, nephrology, cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, ophthalmology,  orthopedics,  surgery,  also the  high-tech examinations, such as  elastography, histoscanning, contrast-enhanced ultrasonic scanning.

Municipal Center of X-ray Diagnostics and MRI

A  full  range  of  imaging examinations  (adults  and  children), including all types of  roentgenoscopy  examinations, such as osteodensitometry, mammography,  and also  CT and MRI (with anaesthetic support  in  children). Broad use of contrast  agents  in all types  of examinations.

Municipal Endoscopic Center

Gastroscopy, colonoscopy (adults  and  children), bronchoscopy, video capsule examinations, endoscopic operations. Most examinations are performed with biopsy sampling for further morphological studies and diagnosis verification. The possibility exists of anaesthetic support  when diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations performing.

Centralized Diagnostic Laboratory

The production capacity of the laboratory includes more than 1500 tests, which  allows to perform a large range of examinations


In most cases the timing for tests performing is 24 hours, except  histologic  and  microbiological studies.

Functional Diagnostics Department

All  types  of  functional examinations in cardiology, pulmonology, neurology, urology, traumatology and orthopedics: electroneuromyography, 12-Channel Holter monitoring, body plethysmography, different types of loading tests, comprehensive urodynamic examinations and others. Most of the examinations performed are high-tech ones.

Consultation Service with Day-Stay Hospitals

Five hospital’s outpatient departments, including 2 children’s units. The departments are staffed with highly skilled doctors in more than 35 specialties, and deliver specialized high-tech diagnostic and medical care to adults and children. In day-stay hospitals patients receive a complete complex course of treatment, not only drug therapy, but also physiotherapy, massage and exercise therapy. The following programs have been developed and are in use: «Men’s Health», «Early Detection of Prostate Diseases in Men 45 Years of Age or Older», «Oncology», «Rehabilitation after Surgical Treatment of Prostate Cancer», «Women’s Health», «Osteoporosis», «Rehabilitation Treatment of patients suffered novel coronavirus infection – COVID-19” etc.

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Rehabilitation Medicine for Adults

The department is intended for the rehabilitation of patients of early childhood and adolescence in the fields of neurology, allergology, traumatology-orthopedics, cardiology according to individually designed programs. The department performs physiotherapy (laser therapy, magnetotherapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, thermotherapy, local cryotherapy, electrosleep, inhalations, halochamber, non-contact hydromassage), exercise therapy, massage.

Rehabilitation Department with Day-Stay Hospital

Urology Department

Highly qualified medical staff of the Department  employs the worldwide best practices for treatment of urinary system diseases. High-tech laparoscopic and endoscopic operations, high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) surgery, laser procedures, including holmium laser enucleation of prostate (HoLEP), cryoablation.

Oncourology Department

carries out surgical treatment of oncourological diseases: radical retropubic or perineal prostatectomy, radical cystoprostatovesiculectomy, partial nephrectomy, partial ureterectomy, high-tech laparoscopic, robot-assisted and endoscopic operations, transurethral prostatic resection (TURP) with biopsy, cryoablation etc.

Oncourology Department

The department provides qualified and specialized care in three main surgical specialties — surgery, urology and gynecology.

Breast Tumors Department

Treatment of breast cancer and malignant  tumors of female genital organs,  surgical treatment of benign breast conditions. 

Dialysis Department

The main areas of work of the Department are routine hemodialysis and cardioprotective substitutive renal therapy. All types of modern diagnostic methods are used in the Department.

The Departments of Cardiology

A full cycle of examination and treatment, namely the treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, interventional methods of diagnosis and treatment, surgical operations on the heart and blood vessels (stenting and angioplasty of blood vessels, implantation of an artificial pacemaker, microvascular operations, embolization of tumor vessels).

We have been taking care of your health for 30 years

The 30-years of experience and great reputation and authority of our medical facility allows us successfully provide specialized medical care in diagnostically difficult cases.

The Head of the Clinic:

Aboian Igor Artiomovich

M.D., Professor, Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation, Honorary Freeman of the city of Rostov-on-Don, Chief of the Clinical and Diagnostic Center “Zdorovie” of the city of Rostov-on-Don, Chief External Expert in Urology of the Ministry of Health of the Rostov Region.

Da Vinci systems

Da Vinci Xi

Two surgical systems Da Vinci are installed in the departments. More than 2500 surgeries have been performed to this day.

Clinical and Diagnostic Center “Zdorovie”  takes  fifth place in Russia in terms of the number of robot-assisted operations performed. The da Vinci robot makes it possible to perform minimally invasive high-tech surgery, to avoid postoperative complications and significantly improve the convalescence period.


To claim for treatment, just apply at a site with indicating the reasons for help seeking and problem description
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Specialist of Clinical and Diagnostic Center “Zdorovie” will contact you for information detailing, determine specialty care provider and find time convenient for you
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You will receive a preliminary plan for examination and treatment. We will determine your treating physician, agree a date of your arrival and make a preliminary cost calculation
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Clinical  and  Diagnostic  Center «Zdorovie»


Address: 344011, Rostov-on-Don, Dolomanosky 70/3
Contact phone number:  +7 (863) 267-37-62
Email:  medtour@center-zdorovie.ru

State Budgetary Institution of the Rostov Region
Clinical Diagnostic Center Zdorovie in Rostov-on-Don

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